Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tip for Success, Don't Use Laptop while Studying

If you are like me, it's really easy to get distracted while studying if you have the internet available. Like now I am writing this blog instead of studying! If you get distracted easily by Facebook, surfing the web, or shopping, try this instead. Read your assignment for one subject and then take a 10-20 break to check email, read blogs, or whatever. Then go back to studying for another hour. This method is preferable to the method you are using now: Surf for an hour, read for 10 minutes! if you are going to use your laptop to take notes or outline, then don't connect to the internet! It's the devil. Well not really, but it can be an evil temptress when you are staring at a pile of books.

Another tip, if you use your laptop in class and like to chat on AIM, shop, surf, read my blog, just know that your professors know that students do it and try not to distract your neighbor too much!