Friday, July 20, 2007

Bar Exam Tips

  • Do lots of MBE questions from Bar/Bri, PMBR and get comfortable with the types of questions they ask. I really like the Studysmart software Bar/Bri offers. It didn't work on some of my friends computers though. You can keep track of your progress on each of the 6 MBE subjects and there is a study option available so you can see the answer and explanation after every question and also a practice mode, where it's just timed and the answers are shown at the end. I would also do MBE questions on paper to get used to the way you will actually be examined.
  • Take MBE subjects in law school (Torts, Crim Law, Con Law, Evidence, and Property)
  • Apparently Con Law is the subject students do the best and Evidence/Property people do the worst.
  • Find out how heavily your state tests on areas such as commercial law, tax, ect. Why take a hard class in law school when they only ask one or two questions on the bar exam!
  • Order Previous Essays and MPT from the National Conference of Bar Examiners. It's only $15. They also have some free past exams available.
  • I made outlines from my Bar/Bri Lectures and printed them out and stuck them in a binder. It helped me review the material after the class (or you can try the type during the Bar/Bri Lecture. For the essays, I made flashcards from the outlines to improve my memory of the key points to remember.
  • When you sign up for PMBR, you can select subject area CDs. I really liked the Torts , Evidence, Criminal Law. The Contracts one was okay, but for people who have Contracts on the Essay part of the bar exam, I'd try listening them to when you are traveling or commuting. Upload them on to your Ipod and listen to it while you are walking or working out.
  • On the day of the bar exam, eat a lot of protein for breakfast and for lunch (yogurt, boiled eggs, peanut butter, meat/tuna). Protein will help keep your energy level up.
  • After your exam, resist the temptation to look up the answers and figure out what you missed or got right. Just put it behind you and focus on the next day of examination.
  • Other recommended Bar Study Materials:

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Recommended Books for 1Ls

There a list of must have books for first year law students. These are recommended for different reasons. Some like Getting to Maybe is a good resource for doing well on law school exams, some of the recommended books are essential to legal writing and research. Others give good insights as to what law school is like or what legal practice is like.  You just have get the book list early so you can order before classes start. You can search for your Law School Text Books at by name, keywords or ISBN number. You can also check out my link for law books and other items that you may need for school and life!                      
I also wanted to recommend some good legal or law-related movies!!