Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bar/Bri vs. PMBR vs. Real MBE

As of right now I don't see the worth of PMBR even though I signed up because Bar/Bri also provides a practice MBE.  Here is one blogger's experience in Utah with the practice MBE's vs. the real one. What do you think?

I guess there is some worth to doing one MBE studying and then doing PMBR and seeing if your score improves. However,  Bar/Bri charges 2 grand a person for books whose material barely changes from year to year. You might try to buy or borrow materials from a law graduate.  I would recommend the Home Study Bar/Bri program (if you can afford it).  You can create your own schedule and listen to the lectures on the I-Pod they send you. You do have to be disciplined and sit down and listen to the I-pod and fill in the blanks But you could do those 3 hours anytime of day that you like. For instance,  if you like to work out in the morning, you can listen to the lectures in the afternoon or vice versa. You just have a lot more flexibility. Maybe a couple of students can do the home study together, although this may violate Bar/Bri's policy

It also helps to do lots of practice questions. I highly recommend the Study Smart Software, because you can track your progress and target your questions to the areas that you are weak. If you struggle with Negligence in Torts and Governmental Immunities in Con Law, you can pick and choose only questions in those topics until you improve.

I would also  highly recommend Strategies & Tactics for the MBE for a supplement to your bar preparation. You can use this to get a jump start on your bar exam studies before the  Bar/Bri or PMBR course starts. Check out the reviews. I'm using an older version and find the tips and hints very helpful.

Strategies & Tactics for the MBE, 2010

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  1. Overall, I've been relatively satisfied with Bar/Bri. I don't understand why the outlines needed to be in an unwieldy legal size, but beyond that have found the materials useful. I've also been rather happy with their StudySmart software, though I see many ways that it could be improved.

    I've also heavily used the PMBR CDs and Flash Cards. I put the flash cards on large rings and keep them with me; when I have downtime, I run through a few. I've been listening to the lectures when I take long trips, and actually enjoyed the contracts and con law lectures -- they simplified both subjects for me.

    I have not found much benefit in the PMBR classes or books, however. If I were finished with all of the BarBri questions, I'd hit the PMBR questions, but right now feel that my biggest weaknesses are in the essays, not the multistate.

    Overall, I feel like I got about 33% value for my PMBR money, and around 65% for the BarBri money. Neither program has been perfect.

    Because they have been doing bar prep for so long, I expected them to have worked out all of the issues. I was wrong.