Saturday, July 14, 2007

Recommended Books for 1Ls

There a list of must have books for first year law students. These are recommended for different reasons. Some like Getting to Maybe is a good resource for doing well on law school exams, some of the recommended books are essential to legal writing and research. Others give good insights as to what law school is like or what legal practice is like.  You just have get the book list early so you can order before classes start. You can search for your Law School Text Books at by name, keywords or ISBN number. You can also check out my link for law books and other items that you may need for school and life!                      
I also wanted to recommend some good legal or law-related movies!!


  1. I think every law student should read The Brethren BEFORE taking conlaw or crimpro

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, I added it to the list!