Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Bar Exam: Afterthoughts

So it's been over a week since I took the bar exam and I have a few reflections. I think the hardest part about the whole process was  feelings of the unknown. Before you take the bar, you don't really know what to expect during the exam days. You don't know if you are studying too much or not enough. Everything is just this dark abyss of unknowingness. I know I was so nervous before the bar exam that I threw up! I was just so scared that my worst nightmare would come true and I'd see a question that I would have no idea how to answer. But the best thing is just to relax, stay calm, and go in to the examination room with what you know and not worry about the rest. I think making flashcards helped me because I could visualize my little card and try to remember what was on it and write it down on my exam. I tried to keep my essays organized, citing the rule and then applying the rule to the facts of the situation. I think a student should utilize every method necessary to get the information in their head and remember it, whether it be flashcards, re-writing or re-tying notes, listening to tapes. Get in your head several different ways so you can remember it. It also helps to repeat things out loud or write it down. For instance, when studying, I would read a section and then try to re-write it from memory. It's tedious, but it works.

Another tip, don't' try to guess which essays they will test. I tried that and was wrong. Just study everything because there is a chance that any of the subjects will be tested. Don't blow off income tax or negotiable instruments because you think there is no way they will test on it.

Oh people love to stand around during breaks and after the exam to talk. I bolted out of there. I hate when people talk about the exam, because you just second guess yourself and feel worse. If you like to do this, fine, go ahead and torture yourself (and others!) But I prefer to not talk about the exam with anyone and I may just go back to my room and try to look up something that I thought I missed. Even this is not a good idea, but it's better than standing around with everyone and feeling like you may or may not have missed an issue on the essay or got the wrong answer on the MPC.

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  1. everything is gonna be all right!
    thank you for the informative blog, very educational.
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