Monday, August 27, 2007

Interviewing Tips

It's that time of year again, where OCI and interviewing is going on. One question that almost every interviewer asks is "tell me about yourself?" In otherwords, they are not asking for a life story, but rather are asking you why they should hire you or what makes you the best canditate. For more advice check out CareerJournal. You can also check out this article on "mastering the interview" for more tips. Some of the questions are more focused to recent college grads, rather than law students, but it will help you think about the types of things you should prepare for when getting ready for your interview. Remember to study potential questions and think of potential answers so you are ready with anecdotes and examples. Access these articles additional advice on preparing for interviews.

These are other things you should be prepared to talk about
  • things you do well
  • greatest strength
  • greatest weakness (make sure to leave the answer on a positive note, so they know you are working on this weakness)
  • Favorite class/professor
  • your inspiration
  • what makes a leader or examples of your leadership
  • Be prepared to talk about anything listed on your resume or cover letter.
  • why you want to work in X city or in X firm, government agency, non-profit
  • know ways to spin negative aspects of yourself positively (grades, lack of familiarity with the city, one bad semeter, ect)
Try to portray the most positive, confident version of yourself you can. The interviewer is looking for reasons NOT to hire you and you are there to give them as many reasons that you can why they should hire you. Just try to have a conversation rather than a monologue or rehearsed speech and you'll do great!

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