Thursday, August 16, 2007

Network in Law School

First know where you want to work or at least what type of law you want to practice. Contact your Career Services office and ask for alumni that practice in the area or field that you want to practice. Then send an email or mail a letter explaining that your Career Services director recommended you contact them and if they had any advise for a future lawyer wanting to practice in this city or in this area of law. If possible, ask to meet them for coffee or lunch just to pick their brain. When they say yes, come armed with questions. This is basically an informational interview. Don't ask about jobs, ask about advice. Start this process early in your law school career and you'll build up your networks and land yourself a legal job upon graduation. If you have friends or family who are lawyers or know lawyers, go ahead and send them the pro forma letter. Try to start the letter with Mr. or Ms. Z recommended I contact you, so that you are not some random person. You can also say that you came across their name or law firm while doing research about the field of law you are interested in. Once you meet with these networks, keep in touch with them every couple of months so they know where you are in the job search process.

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