Monday, October 22, 2007

IL's get those resumes ready for December 1st!

The NALP, the National Association of Legal Career Professionals, require that first year students and employers not initiate contact with one another, interview or make offers, prior to December 1. This deadline is set so that first year law students can adjust to the rigor of law school before initiating their jobs search. However, you may want to start researching employers, preparing your resumes and cover letters before that December 1st deadline so that your job search doesn't interfere with finals or with studying. Some people use their fall break to research jobs, in addition to outlining and reviewing the material from the first half of the semester. If you have your resumes and cover letters done before December 1st, you can send them all at on that date and relax during exams and Christmas break. However, if you prefer to wait until your holiday break, use that time to study and then spend a few weeks over the break to do your research and send off those resumes by the first of the year. Contact your career services office or career counselor at your law school for resume and cover letter advice, as well as for interviewing tips. It's also a good idea to use your Fall and Christmas breaks to do some networking and informational interviews and try to see what area you may want to practice in after law school.

Learn a New Langauge with Rosetta Stone

I have wanted to brush up on my language skills, particularly Spanish. I found a program that is really good whether you are a beginner or are more advanced in your language skills. Check out this Rosetta Stone: Free Demo to get a better idea of what they offer. I have checked out Spanish and my mom has an Italian and Mandarin Rosetta Stone set.

Rosetta Stone Language Software

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I'm an attorney, now what?

How many of you out there are new attorneys, just fresh off the press? What are you doing? Are you working? are you looking for a job? What does it really mean to be an attorney and do we, have too many?? What do you think? I'd like to know.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bar Exam: Request a Score Release, Transfer or Score Advisory

Apparently some states never release you actual bar score if you pass the bar exam. If you pass the bar in your state, you'll just know that you passed, but never know by how much you passed or if you can be admitted into DC without having to take the MBE. However, the National Bar Examiner's website will release your score for $25. Some states and the District of Columbia will not require you to take their MBE if you have already achieved a certain score. So if that's your situation, check out that link for information on how to get your MBE score!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Get PMBR CDs at reduced prices

You don't have to pay $50 a course to get PMBR tapes when there is You can get these helpful little tapes at a fraction at the cost. I used these to study for final exams and they were extremely helpful in studying for the bar. I downloaded them onto ITUNES and uploaded them onto my IPOD and listened to Criminal Law or Torts as I went on a walk, went grocery shopping, worked out, or just on my way to BarBri class. It really helped with reinforcing, but I recommend starting to listen to them early rather than later!! Most of them are available at this link. I'm selling some of the ones I used, but I didn't have all of them. I really liked the Evidence, Torts, and Criminal Procedure ones.