Monday, October 22, 2007

IL's get those resumes ready for December 1st!

The NALP, the National Association of Legal Career Professionals, require that first year students and employers not initiate contact with one another, interview or make offers, prior to December 1. This deadline is set so that first year law students can adjust to the rigor of law school before initiating their jobs search. However, you may want to start researching employers, preparing your resumes and cover letters before that December 1st deadline so that your job search doesn't interfere with finals or with studying. Some people use their fall break to research jobs, in addition to outlining and reviewing the material from the first half of the semester. If you have your resumes and cover letters done before December 1st, you can send them all at on that date and relax during exams and Christmas break. However, if you prefer to wait until your holiday break, use that time to study and then spend a few weeks over the break to do your research and send off those resumes by the first of the year. Contact your career services office or career counselor at your law school for resume and cover letter advice, as well as for interviewing tips. It's also a good idea to use your Fall and Christmas breaks to do some networking and informational interviews and try to see what area you may want to practice in after law school.

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