Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Advice For the Law School Class of '09

FindLaw's Advice For the Law School Class of '09: Ten Key Principles That Will Help You Succeed

Are you Linked In?

Are you LinkedIn? LinkedIn is like Facebook for professionals! According to its website, "LinkedIn is an online network of more than 30 million experienced professionals from around the world, representing 150 industries." You set up a profile with your educational and employment information (sort of like a resume). After that you can request someone to be added to your network. You can only add people that you already know or get introduced to via another contact. You can search for jobs, network, or just keep in touch with people you used to attend school with or used to work with.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Free Christmas Songs on Amazon

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Networking Tips Podcast

Check out this a Holiday Networking for Law Students podcast sponsored by the Business Law section of the ABA. You need to have Quicktime downloaded. Also this is a great time of year to start looking for a job. Many law firms, non-for-profits, and state agencies are looking for legislative interns to help during the legislative session that usually occurs during the first 3 or 4 months of the year. It's also a great time for first years to start applying and looking for that internship during the summer after the first year of law school. Good luck!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Feed the hungry and get smart at the same time!

Want to increase your vocabulary and be a better writer? Do you enjoy learning new things and new words? Do you like to help others? Freerice.com affords you the opportunity to do all of the above! For every right answer, they will donate 20 grains of rice. 20 grains isn't much in and of itself, but think of how your right answers can add up to feed many hungry people and families. Moreover, this game adapts to how well you do! If you answer a question correctly, you get a harder question. If you get it wrong, you get an easier question!! Check it out!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Clerkships and Writing Contests

One thing I did not take advantage enough when I was in law school was the writing contests. There was this bulletin board across from our Career Services office with postings of all these random writing contests, with some really great prizes, usually monetary and the chance of getting the paper published! If you are in a journal you could easily do a google search and try to find a writing contest with the same subject area as your article. Or you could just research writing contest or check out that bulletin board and write a paper, submit it, and see if maybe you win! I don't think nearly enough students take advantage of these opportunities. Below is a list of a few opportunities. Check it out. You can't win if you don't try!

The Business Law Diversity Clerkship Program encourages students to pursue business court clerkship opportunities and to consider careers in the practice of business law.

The ABA Section of Business Law is sponsoring its 23rd Annual Mendes Hershman Student Writing Contest to encourage and reward law student writings on a business law subject of general and current interest.

Entertainment Law Initiative (GRAMMY) Writing Contest

Louis Jackson National Student Writing Competition (topic is employment law)

Here's a list of various ABA scholarships and writing contests.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Don't burn your diploma like this guy!

Why in the world would one burn his Harvard Law diploma? Read on to see why!

Great translation tool

Translate anything! From English to Spanish, Spanish to French, whatever you need it for, this is a great online translator from google!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Follow your Dreams or Follow your Wallet?

Some law graduates have to pursue the job that will pay back those expensive student loans, rather than going for the job of their dreams. Not Fair but true. Check out this blog article: "Students Following Paycheck, Not Hearts"

Retirement Keeps Getting More Expensive

I feel like I can barely pay my student loans and I also have to worry about retirement! Luckily, my job has benefits, but that may not be enought. What do you need to save a month in order to retire? Check out this article for advice.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

PBS Poll

Is Sarah Palin qualified to be VP? Vote in this PBS Poll.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Get Daily Tips with this Biggest Looser Widget

Add this widget to facebook, google, or blogger to get quick tips at your fingertips! Just click on share and add it your your venue of choice.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Job search tips

Check out this article for 7 tips for keeping up with your job search in this not-so-great economic times.
Job Hunting in this Unsteady Economy

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Should dogs be billionaires?

Gary Becker and Richard Posner have an interesting take on wealthy heiress' Leona Helmsley's decision to leave her dog $12 million and leave another $5- $8 billion in a charitable trust for the welfare of dogs in general. This will be especially interest to those of you that might want to create a trust for the care of pets after their owners have passed away. Check out the article here.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Advice for New Lawyers on how to get a job

Check out this video offering advice on how to get a law job in this economy.

Are Lawyer's becoming a "Luxury Good"?

In a recent article, the ABA Journal examines the trend of more and more individuals tackling the court systems without the benefit of counsel. The lack of affordable legal counsel is a growing problem, but one rooted more in current law school economics than in the greed of individual attorneys. After all, Sallie Mae still wants that check no matter how much good you are doing in the community.

Keep your briefs short or else

In first year legal writing, we all learn the importance of succinct, yet clear and concise writing. Unfortunately, not every lawyer learns this lesson. This ABA article describes how one judge reacts to one lawyer's very lengthy complaint.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cha Cha! It's not just a Latin Dance anymore

I just wanted to let you know about a new search service called Cha Cha. It's a peopled power search engine, which means that you either call 1-800-2CHACHA and ask a question, or text your question to CHACHA (242242) and the answer will sent back to you by text within a couple of minutes. It works like no other search engine! It's really great when you don't have easy access to the internet and you just need some quick information!

All of the questions you send to Cha Cha are answered by one of their 10,000 human guides, which means it works just like asking your friends. Best of all, it's totally free. You can use Cha Cha to get a quick legal definition or to find out the the other party in an important supreme court case, or use it just for basic state laws or codes. You can find out more at www.chacha.com

Also check out this ABA article on how to become a google master by conducting a more efficient search.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Long time no see

I haven't written in awhile and I promise to update soon. I have an article I wanted to post. I've been busy with work, but will be updating this site soon. Stay tuned!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is in two weeks. Do you know what you are getting your mom yet??

Friday, April 18, 2008

Being Smart really does Pay off

For all of you applying to law schools, this may be of interest. Doing well on the LSATs and having a good GPA may not only help you get into a good law school, it may also also help you save on law school tuition. Check out this ABA Article, about how you can strategically apply to law schools where your numbers are above the median so that you are more likely offered scholarships to attend. Law school tuition is so expensive these days and the law job market is rather fickle, so it may be better to leave law school with less debt. Or maybe you can just try going to Columbia, their grads seem to get jobs according to this article!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Time Flies, Take Advantage of your Three Years.

Something I realized as a recent graduate and young lawyer is how fast the three years of law school fly by and how little time you have to really make the right start to your legal career. In that three years you must study hard, make good grades, establish good relationships with your friends and faculty, get involved in the legal community in some capacity, and get good legal experience in your summers or during the school year. If you live in or near the city where you want to practice, its a lot easier to get involved early and get your name out. If not you have to make more of an effort to get out there during your school breaks and maybe get out of your comfort zone and send out some emails or pick up the phone.

In law school, it goes by so fast, you really have to be strategic and think about what you want to accomplish and what it will take to accomplish it. Even if you don't plan to practice law, it still crucial to network and get good internship or externships. Do take advantage of your career services office, but also be proactive, use the Internet to research practice areas and lawyers to contact, ask your friends and family if they know anyone that you may contact. Contact your local bar association or the bar association of the city or state you want to practice in.

Right now the legal field is hit and miss as far as jobs go. If you are not early, proactive, present and persistent, you may find yourself on Graduation Day with no job. And even despite your most persistent efforts, you may still find yourself jobless, but at least if you put in the effort, you won't the one to blame.

The other thing I recommend for those who are applying to law school. Consider attending a lower ranked law school in the area you want to practice over a higher ranked law school in a city you don't plan to stay in. First of all, you may perform better at a lower ranked law school and law firms look at grades more than anything else. Secondly, you'll be able to start participating in that city a lot earlier and during the school year, rather than in just the summers. Most cities have many events and the fees are often waived for law students. Getting involved early shows your commitment to the city.

Also be broad in your thinking. You may be able to use your legal degree for a plethora of career paths. If you are interested in politics, try seeking a legislative internship during or before law school. If you hope to work for the government, contact city and state government agencies and ask if they have any internship opportunities.

Time flies in law school, think about where you want to be at the end of the three years and go after it. Enjoy law school, but focus on that bigger picture. You do have to pay back your loans, afterall!

Excellence in the Workplace: Legal and Life Skills in a Nutshell

Sunday, March 30, 2008

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Some of you may have seen the video recently going around on the web and emails about the fact that many restaurants don't always wash their hands when they put a lemon in your water. That totally grossed me out. Fortunately, not all is lost! There are these convenient lemon packets called True Lemon that you can carry in your purse or wallet to add to your water and add a fresh lemony taste. Get a free sample of True Lemon. They also have lime and orange flavors. I love to add these packets to my water, soup, tea, even fish and vegetables. For instance, the lime packets add an extra kick to chicken noodle soup! Anyway, I'd thought I'd share this!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A great website for grad students and young professionals

Kiplinger.com is a great resource for law students and young professionals. You can get advice about the workforce, such as making work fun. You can also read about articles and advice about starting out in the workforce. There's an interesting article that discusses the lessons one person learned from being broke. (Some of us don't get the six figure starting salaries and have to make ends meet.

You can also check out the section on the basics of financial management and investing, which is important for all us, especially when starting a new career! There's tons of interesting articles, included ways to save money! Now there's some advice I can use!

It will cost you an arm and a leg!

Interesting fact I picked up today:

There were no cameras in George Washington's days. One's image was either sculpted or painted. Some paintings of George Washington showed him standing behind a desk with one arm behind his back while others showed both legs and both arms. Painters based their fees on how many limbs were painted, not on how many people were to be painted. Painting arms and legs would cost a buyer more. Hence the expression,"Okay, but it'll cost you an arm and a leg.."

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Websites with good deals or even free stuff!

Amazon.com's Goldbox features great deals every week day. You can find some great prices, but you have to check often!

Fantastic pearl jewelry for sale. Who doesn't love pearls!

I love ebags.com! I got some really great luggage and a laptop bag and part of the proceeds went to breast cancer research.

Free sample of EAS Mypoplex Energy Bar with Brady Quinn as a sponsor!! (He's so cute!) Use offer code: 4130

Free book by Billy Graham, The Secret to Happiness.

Bluefly.com has some amazing fashions and the site was featured on BRAVO's Project Runway.

Friday, March 7, 2008

If you don't like being a lawyer, become a rap artist!

Check out this article from the ABA Journal about lawyers have sought alternate uses for their law degrees. 3 Lawyers’ New Gigs: Headmistress, Concrete Worker, Rap Artist

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Preparation is key to getting the job.

Here is great article from Indiana Intern Network on how to land a good internship.

The internship interview is a strategic conversation with a purpose. Your goal is to persuade employers that you have the desired skills to do the job and that you can comfortably fit into their organization. In addition to sharing information about yourself, consider the interview an opportunity to determine if the position and work environment are right for you. Here are some tips for navigating the interviewing waters.

Check out the rest of the article on how to prepare for your interview and land the job!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Career Advice

Check out these interesting articles offering some workplace and career advice for us lawyers and future lawyers.

101 tips, tricks and tools to make you a more productive, less stressed-out lawyer

Top Ten Ethics Traps

Also check out Giveaway of the Day to get free licensed software daily!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Check out the Office Culture before You take the job

I can speak from personal experience, office culture matters. Even the best of jobs can turn sour if the office culture or politics is bad. It can be very hard to go to work or even be an productive employee if office culture runs counter to your personality or values. Check out this article for advice.


Assessing Corporate Culture
By Randi Bussin
brought to you by Ladders.com

As a career coach, I’ve occasionally had clients come back to me for redirection after several months on the job. Often the all–too–perfect role turns sour because of the corporate culture and/or internal politics.

Most ask how they can assess these factors ahead of time. Although culture is intangible, there are a few things potential candidates can do to get a read on the environment before they say ‘yes’.

Before we begin, let’s just step back for a minute and discuss what culture is and why it’s important.

What is corporate culture? At its most basic, corporate culture can be described as an organization’s personality and the shared idea of ‘how things are done around here’. Corporate culture is a broad term and guides how employees think, act, feel, and behave. It describes the unique beliefs and behavior of a company and includes the organization’s core values, mission, ethics, and rules of behavior.

Why is corporate culture important? Culture is important because it affects the hours you work, how people interact with each other (or don’t), how people dress, benefits offered to employees (flextime, telecommuting, etc), office layout, training, and professional development. As you can see, culture affects just about everything that relates to your work.

So how do you assess the true culture of a potential employer?

read the rest of the article here.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Judge Reprimanded for Calling Three Black Female PDs ‘The Supremes’

A Maryland judge was reprimanded after he called three Black female public defenders "The Supremes." He also told the defendant that he should get rid of his attorneys and get an "experienced male attorney." Judge Kennedy Boone told the The Maryland Commission on Judicial Disabilities that he made the remarks to protect the public defenders from a difficult and manipulative defendant. Boone did apologize for his remarks noting that they highly innappropriate and indicative of racial and sexual bias.

from the ABA Journal

Young Lawyers, Watch What You Wear at Work

The generational divide is playing out in law firm fashion wars, with younger lawyers favoring business casual and even yoga pants and older lawyers tending to wear more traditional business attire. Read the rest of the article about the generational gap in fashion on the ABA Journal website.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

The best thing you will do all day

1.open google.
2.type in "find chuck norris"
3.click on the "I'm feeling lucky" button instead of the "search" button

Enjoy :)

Computer Program Finds Candidate Most Similar to You

You might find this interesting - answer 10 questions at www.votechooser.com and find out which presidential candidate is most similar to you!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

One Republic Video

I love this band!
Check out the video for "Apologize"

I know this has nada to do with law school. But law students have lives too right!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Developing Key Leadership Skills

This article from the American Bar Association discusses the importance of developing various leadership skills in addition to your improving your lawyering skills. Analytical skills are important, but so is public speaking, people management, strategic planning, and facilititation. The author also suggest seeking out opportunities to improve on these various leadership skills.

Friday, January 25, 2008

12 Second-Sequence Workout

Have you heard of this new exercise called the 12-Second Sequence? Well the idea isn't so new, but its a great way to tone up, build muscle and loose weight. I have tried it myself. Check out Jorge Cruise's blog. You can also get the The 12 Second Sequence at Amazon. He also has a Workout DVD which I recently ordered so I can do the exercises at home or download it to my ipod so I can do the video when I travel. I was one of the people selected to join his program before his book came out and when I did the program in the first month I lost about 3 pounds. Then I got busy with law school and wasn't able to complete the program. But I am going to try the video. His workout plan is simple though. Just take your normal resistance training and slow it down: ten seconds up, hold for two seconds and them bring it down for 10 seconds. This works for bicep curls, lunges, overhead pull. You can do this slow training with free weights and machinces. Jorge says its about quality not quanitity. I am not getting paid for this! I just think its a different way to work out, it saves time. You only need to do it 20 minutes twice a week, doing about 10-12 different exercises. Do upper body one day and lower body the other workout day. That's it. Well I am off to try my video! Check it out

Check out these links with interviews with Jorge Cruise and examples of some of the workouts

Monday, January 21, 2008

Movie Rentals now available on ITUNES

Don't you just love Apple? Soon you will be able to rent movies and download them onto your IPOD. Also they have this new Apple TV product. A little pricey! But I think it great that I will soon be able to download movies to watch on my IPod Nano. Like we need more reasons to procrastinate!

Apple Store

You can also check out Kindle Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device. This thing is so cool. It's an electronic book, so you can carry many of your favorite books all in one little hand-held device! Great for when you travel.

Good websites for study materials

Swapnotes is a place where law students can share, exchange, and acquire class notes. Check it out! Flashcard Exchange is a website I personally used while studying for the MBE topics for the bar. Students make and post various flashcards for different law courses and for the bar. The best part is you don't need an account to use the website!