Friday, January 25, 2008

12 Second-Sequence Workout

Have you heard of this new exercise called the 12-Second Sequence? Well the idea isn't so new, but its a great way to tone up, build muscle and loose weight. I have tried it myself. Check out Jorge Cruise's blog. You can also get the The 12 Second Sequence at Amazon. He also has a Workout DVD which I recently ordered so I can do the exercises at home or download it to my ipod so I can do the video when I travel. I was one of the people selected to join his program before his book came out and when I did the program in the first month I lost about 3 pounds. Then I got busy with law school and wasn't able to complete the program. But I am going to try the video. His workout plan is simple though. Just take your normal resistance training and slow it down: ten seconds up, hold for two seconds and them bring it down for 10 seconds. This works for bicep curls, lunges, overhead pull. You can do this slow training with free weights and machinces. Jorge says its about quality not quanitity. I am not getting paid for this! I just think its a different way to work out, it saves time. You only need to do it 20 minutes twice a week, doing about 10-12 different exercises. Do upper body one day and lower body the other workout day. That's it. Well I am off to try my video! Check it out

Check out these links with interviews with Jorge Cruise and examples of some of the workouts

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