Thursday, February 28, 2008

Career Advice

Check out these interesting articles offering some workplace and career advice for us lawyers and future lawyers.

101 tips, tricks and tools to make you a more productive, less stressed-out lawyer

Top Ten Ethics Traps

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Check out the Office Culture before You take the job

I can speak from personal experience, office culture matters. Even the best of jobs can turn sour if the office culture or politics is bad. It can be very hard to go to work or even be an productive employee if office culture runs counter to your personality or values. Check out this article for advice.


Assessing Corporate Culture
By Randi Bussin
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As a career coach, I’ve occasionally had clients come back to me for redirection after several months on the job. Often the all–too–perfect role turns sour because of the corporate culture and/or internal politics.

Most ask how they can assess these factors ahead of time. Although culture is intangible, there are a few things potential candidates can do to get a read on the environment before they say ‘yes’.

Before we begin, let’s just step back for a minute and discuss what culture is and why it’s important.

What is corporate culture? At its most basic, corporate culture can be described as an organization’s personality and the shared idea of ‘how things are done around here’. Corporate culture is a broad term and guides how employees think, act, feel, and behave. It describes the unique beliefs and behavior of a company and includes the organization’s core values, mission, ethics, and rules of behavior.

Why is corporate culture important? Culture is important because it affects the hours you work, how people interact with each other (or don’t), how people dress, benefits offered to employees (flextime, telecommuting, etc), office layout, training, and professional development. As you can see, culture affects just about everything that relates to your work.

So how do you assess the true culture of a potential employer?

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Judge Reprimanded for Calling Three Black Female PDs ‘The Supremes’

A Maryland judge was reprimanded after he called three Black female public defenders "The Supremes." He also told the defendant that he should get rid of his attorneys and get an "experienced male attorney." Judge Kennedy Boone told the The Maryland Commission on Judicial Disabilities that he made the remarks to protect the public defenders from a difficult and manipulative defendant. Boone did apologize for his remarks noting that they highly innappropriate and indicative of racial and sexual bias.

from the ABA Journal

Young Lawyers, Watch What You Wear at Work

The generational divide is playing out in law firm fashion wars, with younger lawyers favoring business casual and even yoga pants and older lawyers tending to wear more traditional business attire. Read the rest of the article about the generational gap in fashion on the ABA Journal website.