Friday, April 18, 2008

Being Smart really does Pay off

For all of you applying to law schools, this may be of interest. Doing well on the LSATs and having a good GPA may not only help you get into a good law school, it may also also help you save on law school tuition. Check out this ABA Article, about how you can strategically apply to law schools where your numbers are above the median so that you are more likely offered scholarships to attend. Law school tuition is so expensive these days and the law job market is rather fickle, so it may be better to leave law school with less debt. Or maybe you can just try going to Columbia, their grads seem to get jobs according to this article!


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  2. never go to a lower ranked school for a mere scholarship if it means you would give up on anything in the top 15.

    It probably doesn't matter all that much from schools numbered 20-100, but the basic rule of thumb is that you should go to the highest-ranked school that accepts you. Full stop.