Friday, July 11, 2008

Are Lawyer's becoming a "Luxury Good"?

In a recent article, the ABA Journal examines the trend of more and more individuals tackling the court systems without the benefit of counsel. The lack of affordable legal counsel is a growing problem, but one rooted more in current law school economics than in the greed of individual attorneys. After all, Sallie Mae still wants that check no matter how much good you are doing in the community.


  1. People are willing to go pro se than spend a lot of money hiring lawyers. If only law schools were cheaper, then some would probably be willing to lower the costs of their billing. But when you're faced with at least a $100,000 in loans, you would want to pay them off eventually. Best way to do that, bill it up.

  2. Yeah, and the recent public service student loan bill doesn't seem to help at all, even though I am planning to work for a gov't agency for 10 years. I can either pay off my loan under the standard repayment plan in 10 years, or with the income-sensitive 10 plan and get the balance forgive at the end of 10 years, which under my calculations will be about $2,500. Thanks Congress!