Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I recently discovered Groupon, which offers daily deals at great prices through the power of group buying. When the minimum number of people sign for the deal of the day, everyone gets the discount.   For instance, a friend of mine got $100 wedding albums for $25. I got my $25 worth of dry cleaning for $12! You can also find  good deals on restaurants, spas/salons, and events.   It's also good for traveling. If you know you are going to Las Vegas for Spring Break, you can see if they have a groupon that you might use when you visit. Seeing a Vegas show for half off sounds good to me!   I wish I knew about this when I was in law school.  But now that I know about it, I definitely take advantage and share with my friends. You can get daily Groupon alerts so that you never miss a deal! Groupon is available in about 93 cities, so hopefully you can sign up for deals in your city!  

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  1. I accidentally deleted this comment, but just wanted to share that there is a another site similar to Groupon, called Living Social.