Tuesday, August 24, 2010


In law school, I visited Starbucks at least once a day.  It was a great place to study, meet friends, and get a quick afternoon pick-me-up!   But all those visits can add up!   I like the new VIA Ready Brew Packets, because you can save some money and still have the delicious taste of Starbucks. Just pour hot water and the packet into your travel mug and head off to class.  The other day while I was at Starbucks, I tried a sample of the new VIA iced coffee. This stuff is delicious, especially on a hot day.  For all you students returning to law school or starting classes soon, think about ordering some from Amazon along with your books!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thank You Notes after an interview

When it comes to thank you notes, a handwritten note will trump an email any day of the week. Taking time to carefully write a thank you note to each person that you interviewed with will make you stand out amongst the rest of the candidates.  Take the advice form this blogger. Also for those of you who are worried about your handwriting, I have a couple of suggestions.  First of all, print and write very carefully. Practice on a piece of paper before you write on the card.  The other option is maybe to have a friend who has neat handwriting write the card for you. I don't really suggest the latter though.  You can also type out a nice note, similar to the format of your cover letter if your handwriting is too horrible to be read by a human eye. If your handwriting is that bad though, you might want to become a doctor instead!  ;)  Check out my other posts regarding interviews here.

$25 for $50 worth of clothes at the Gap

Today's Groupon is for half off at the Gap. You only pay $25 for $50 worth of apparel at Gap. This offer is available in several cities, so check it out. It doesn't expire until November 19th, you can save it and use it for Christmas gifts or to buy yourself something special! It cannot be used at Banana Republic or Old Navy though. But you can use it on sale items!! :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Save Money on Textbooks

It's August, which means that classes are starting soon for law students! I know I would dread the bi-annual trip to the bookstore to buy books so heavy that I seriously considered getting one of those rolling backbacks!   Well you can save yourself a trip to the campus bookstore and some money by getting your  law textbooks and study guides on Amazon. You can search by Title, Author, or ISBN. So once you get your schedule and booklist, check out Amazon's textbook store to see if you can save some dinero! You can even sell back your old textbooks  at the end of the semester! Lastly students can join Amazon Student and get FREE two-day shipping for one year!

Search my blog for "book" or "study tips" for other postings about recommended law related books!