Tuesday, October 5, 2010

If You Don't Want to Take the Bar Exam....

Recently, the Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld the bar exam waiver for graduates of Wisconsin Law schools.  You might want to consider attending one of the two law schools in Wisconsin if you really dread that two-day fun fest, better known as the bar exam (and don't mind living and practicing in Wisconsin for a few years)!   Actually I was admitted to the University of Wisconsin law school and visited their campus.  The admissions office made me a tempting offer, but I ultimately decided to go to a law school in the state in which  I wanted to live and practice. 

The diploma privilege leads to the question of whether passing a bar exam really qualifies one to be a competent attorney and if it doesn't, what does?  If each state law school adopted a diploma privilege, what would that mean for recruiting out-of-state students to attend the law school?  I'm just thinking out loud here, but just wondering the implications if other schools adopted this policy.

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