Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lawyers in Non-Legal Positions

Many attorneys decide to work in non-legal positions. Sometimes it is by choice and sometime it is by chance!  Nevertheless, the legal degree is very versatile. Considers jobs in policy, government, lobbying, human resources, and conflict resolution just to name a few.   Where I work there are several licensed attorneys who are working in non-legal positions.  And when I was interviewing for jobs, the fact that I was a licensed attorney was attractive to the potential employers.   So make that degree work for you; if you decide you don't necessarily want to work in a law-related career, think about how you can market your degree and experience in another field. Emphasize your research and writing skills, analytical and detail abilities.  But you will have to acknowledge areas where you lack substantive knowledge and indicate your eagerness to learn.
You might also want to check out this really great on the topic article entitled "Lawyers Can Have an Edge in Non-Legal Jobs" and this book Nonlegal Careers for Lawyers.

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