Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Law School Sweethearts

I thought the First Couple met in law school, but turns out I'm wrong, they met when Barak was a summer associate at the law firm Michelle worked at. Theirs isn't the first legal romance! I met my husband in law school and so did several of my classmates. I'm sure many of you will end up marrying the person you are dating in law school. However a few of the romances sizzled and did not end up in holy matrimony. I think dating in law school isn't a real reflection of dating in the "real world". You see the same 50 people every day in and outside of class (or at least I did!) and after awhile they start to look good! Luckily for me, a friendship bloomed into a relationship and eventually a marriage. But our relationship after law school looked a little different after graduation and the stress of law school was over. It does help being married to someone who understands what going to law school was like, but its hard for either of us to win an argument!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on dating in law school!

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