Monday, January 31, 2011

Interview Preparation Tip: How to Answer the Question, "What is Your Biggest Weakness"

In preparation for an upcoming interview, you should anticipate the questions that you will get and practice your answers.  Unfortunately, not everyone does this and end up being caught off by some of the questions.  Check out this article for suggestions on how to answer "What is Your Biggest Weakness."  And no, you can't say, "My biggest weakness is that I work too hard, care too much, and I sometimes invest way too much time into my work."

Save on Flowers for your Sweetheart!

Valentine's Day is two weeks.  Do you know what you are getting your sweetheart?  You can't go wrong with flowers.  Take advantage of Today's deal from Proflowers.Click on the microphone on the top right corner and enter the code "9191."  You can get a dozen roses for only $29.99. Get 16% back when you shop through Ebates. If you are new to Ebates, you will get $5 just for signing up. Why not pre-order some roses for your Valentine before the prices go up in February?

Also during the month of February, if you rent two movies at once from Redbox, you will get a promo code for a free rental.  Rent some movies, order some flowers and make your sweetie a candle-light dinner. I think that sounds like a nice Valentine's Day on a budget!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Take advantate of your Bath & Body Works Groupon and save more!

For those of you who took advantage of Thursday's Bath & Body Works Groupon, you can get extra cash back by redeeming the promo code through Ebates. Today you can get 6% cash back instead of the standard 3% back when you shop through Ebate's Bath & Body Works site.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

How to Save Money in Law School

  1.  Don't borrow more than you need. I've blogged about this in a previous posts. I cannot emphasize this point enough. It is fiscally responsible to live within your means, even on borrowed money. Eventually you will have to pay it back, so basically you are reducing your future income by the amount you borrowed plus interest.
  2. Clip coupons. Subscribe to your Sunday paper and look for sales. Try to find coupons for the items on sale to save even more money. I subscribe to a couple of blogs such as Living Rich with Coupons to find out about deals at drug stores like CVS and grocery stores. You can also print coupons from,, or
  3. Sign up for the store's rewards program to save even more.  For instance, you can earn Extra Care bucks at CVS when you purchase certain products. You can redeem the bucks on future purchases.
  4.  Buy your used textbooks and study guides on Amazon and and sell them back once the semester is done. You can also sign up for Amazon Student to save money on shipping throughout the year.  
  5.  Use Groupon and Living Social to save money on eating out, entertainment, manicures, and other activities. 
  6. Register with Ebates and when you do shop online, you can get cash back on your online purchases on several of your favorite retailers, such as Target, Newegg, Victoria's Secret, and even Priceline.  To save even more, search for coupon codes at,,, just to name a few. 
  7. Sign up to get freebies. You can get free stuff at or get daily emails about free products from All You.   Stock pile all those freebies and you won't have to buy toothpaste, lotion, or shampoo for a long time! 
  8. Save money on entertainment. For instance if you "like" Redbox on Facebook, you can get a promo code for a free movie rental. Many other companies such as Tide and Clairol offer free products for their fans on Facebook.
  9. Dump your cable or satellite subscription and get free HD over-the-air from the networks just by adding an antenna to a modern TV.  If you want access to more programming, sign up for Netflix or Hulu Plus for as little as $7.99 a month and get a Roku or other streaming device to put it on your main tv.
  10. Subscribe to my blog, because I often share money-saving tips or deals that I find with my readers!
  11.  You might also check out The Frugal Law Student for more money-saving tips.

TurboTax Online Free Edition

It's that time of year again.  Time to think about filing your taxes. You can get the Turbo Tax Federal Edition for free here

Friday, January 28, 2011

Free Candle

You can get a free candle from Bath & Body Works this weekend only! You can print the coupon out here or click "like"on the Bath & Body Works Facebook page to print your coupon.  Coupon is good from 1/28 – 1/30 and requires no additional purchase. Choose from Pink Sangria or Island Colada!

Lucky #8

A law graduate in New Hampshire finally passes the bar exam after trying 8 times only to be denied his license after failing the character and fitness interview.  Sucks for him, but take a look at why he failed character & fitness. Also do we really want attorneys practicing who fail the bar exam 7 times?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Success in Law School: Another Perspective

Check out this NYU Law student's system on how to do well in law school here. He recommends staying focused on final exams from Day 1, since that is the only determinant for your grade. He also states that he doesn't think you should copy his system; he is just describing what worked for him.  I think the most important take away is to develop good habits early on and develop a system that works for you.  Read books and blogs for guidance, but ultimately, you have to do what works for you.

The student also recommends the following study aides from Examples & Explanations and hornbooks for most 1L courses.  I highly recommend the E & E series to supplement your studies.


Book Review-Law School Fast Track: Essential Habits for Law School Success

Law School Fast Track: Essential Habits for Law School Success I recently had a chance to read Law School Fast Track: Essential Habits for Law School Success by Derrick Hubbard.  Derrick is a current law student and somehow managed to write a book while doing fairly well in law school. His book is full of 14 habits for success in law school.  I wish I read a book like this when I was in law school. Actually he recommends reading it before you start law school, so you can be prepared for the rigorous studying you will need to do well.  He writes what you should do the very first week to establish successful habits. The book emphasizes that surviving law school and succeeding in law school are not the same things and that you will need to develop good habits early on.  The book includes his tips on how to more efficiently brief cases, (Chapter 4) how to outline (Chapter 6), and even includes an example of a typical law school exam and his approach to tackling it. (Chapter 9).

One of his habits for success is to set short term attainable goals, as well as, long-term goals. This habit is important in law school and in the workforce. Additionally your short-term goals should help you achieve your long-term goal.  Your goals will help you stay focused and on track (pg 13).  Derrick's suggestion for how to read cases is also very helpful. When reading your cases, he suggests asking yourself, "Why am I reading this case and how does it fit in?"  You aren't reading cases just to read them, but you build your understanding in an area of law. Each case adds to your understanding of a new element of the law.   I wish I had briefed cases the way he suggests, rather than what I did in law school. (pages 31-32). I started off fully briefing cases, realized it took too long, and then started to book brief (a big no-no according to Derrick). Derrick's briefs go right into his outline from week 1 (making outlining a less daunting task).  You start getting the cases in your memory right away, make connections to the bigger picture and save time down the road that you can use for doing practice exams rather than cramming or trying to finish outlines. Habit #7 is another good tip: Study your law professors.  How he or she conducts class is probably how he or she will test you.  Some professors don't care about the cases and just want to know the elements or the statues, so you should write your exam answer in that manner.

Anyway, I don't want to reveal too much. I highly recommend that you check out this book, or download it on your Kindle. It is full of essential habits for success in law school. It is about studying smarter, not harder and focusing on habits that will not only help you become a successful law student, but also a better lawyer and employee after law school.

Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher.

Valentine's Gift Idea

I didn't discover Bath & Body works until I was a 2L. I'm not sure what took me so long to find it, but once I did, I was addicted. It's almost February and not too early to start thinking about Valentine's Day.  Guys, if you are looking for a Valentines Day gift for your girlfriends or wives, check out today's Groupon: You can get $20 worth of products for only $10 or $30 for $15at the Body Works' Online Store!!  Chicas, you don't have to wait for your guy to get you something, treat yourself to something nice (you deserve it after all!) 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Getaway Deals

Living Social now has weekend getaway deals. Check out this deal for a hotel in Chicago or how about an all-inclusive Spring Break vacation  to Cancun?  Laying on a beach in Cancun definitely sounds better than being trapped in a snow storm and having to study!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Get $20 Gift Card for Ten Bucks!

Check out today's Living Social Deal. You can get a $20 Amazon gift card for only $10! This great deal will end in 16 hours, so get yours now before it sells out!!  The gift card doesn't expire, so you can get it today and use it when you need it.

*Update*  The Gift Card is sold out on Living Social! I hope you were one of the 1,301,296 that took advantage of this offer!  If you missed out, don't fret.  Living Social has a ton of great deals every day. Sign up here to take advantage of future deals!

Also if you haven't already, you can sign up to get daily local deals from Groupon. You can get deals on everything from dry cleaning to restaurants to spa days!  Doesn't that sound great for a law student on a budget?

Save on Magazine Subscriptions!

Today only, you can get 51% back on an magazine subscription through Ebates!  Use the coupon code "10 Anniversary" or "Coupon Cabin" to save even more! You can also search for other Coupons.  If you are new to Ebates, you will get an additional $5 cash back just for signing up (after a qualifying purchase of $25). I ordered three subscriptions, because I love to read magazines! It's my guilty pleasure. I suggest you take advantage of this deal while it lasts  (today January 19th). Besides, you need something else to read to take a break from studying!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Interview Tip: What Not to Do

Check out this article about some of things you should avoid ever doing during an interview. I hope none of you have done these!  Before your interview, spit out your gum and  turn off your phone!  During the interview, be interested and engaged, ask good questions, and follow-up with a firm handshake (not a hug!).  Doing these might not get you the job, but it will certainly help you NOT to loose it! And don't forget to smile!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Is Law School Worth the Cost?

This lengthy and somewhat depressing New York Times article, addresses whether law school is worth it.  After reading it, I have to agree with most of the article. I can also sympathize with those of us who went in knowing that we would have a lot of student loans, but thinking we would get a great job and be able to pay it off.  Some law schools sell potential students a bill of goods and they deserve a more accurate picture of what they should expect after graduation, so that they can make an informed decision on whether to apply in the first place.  No one tells you that you might be a law graduate 3 years later, unemployed and no way to pay off over $200,000 worth of debt. I doubt such a statement would be a law school's application packet or website! But for many graduates, this is the reality.   

If you are going to go to law school, keep in mind that everything you borrow, you will have to pay with interest.  Getting a lump sum twice a year can make it difficult to manage your finances.  Don't gamble with your future, only borrow what you need to live and have a budget.  

Although one thing I don't like about the article is Mr. Wallerstein's attitude (entering law school and now). It is like he's daring his student loan creditors to get their money back.  He wants all the prestige of the degree, but doesn't want to pay for it.  

As an aside, I do not regret going to law school, despite the debt from student loans.  It was a challenging and humbling experience, but I obtained the degree and also passed the bar.  I also met my husband in law school, so no complaints there.  I just wish I would have done some things a bit differently (and that's why I started this blog!).

Sunday, January 9, 2011

All Work and No Play....

Sometimes it's good to take a break from studying and get in touch with nature! Luckily, the US National Park Association offers free entrance on several days throughout the year.

  • January 15-17
    (Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday weekend)
  • April 16-24
    (National Park Week)
  • June 21
    (First day of summer)
  • September 24
    (Public Lands Day)
  • November 11-13
    (Veterans Day weekend)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Free Two-Day Shipping for your Text Books

 Amazon is offering 12-months of Amazon Prime 2-Day Shipping for Free to all students!                                                                                                                                                                                          

To be eligible for Amazon Student you need to provide your school, major & .edu email address. Upon joining, you will receive:
  • Free 2-Day Shipping and other Amazon Prime Benefits (for 12 months)
  • 30% off New Textbooks & 90% off Used Textbooks
  • In the final month of your membership, Amazon will send you an email letting you know the end date of the Free Amazon Prime Free 2-Day Shipping.
Sign up for Amazon Student to get your books a lot sooner!.  I wish they had this program when I was in school. I had to wait forever to get my books and now you just have to wait two days!!

If you are no longer a student, you can get 3 months of Amazon Prime 2-Day Shipping for Free with Amazon Mom (anyone can join,  you don't have to be a parent to sign up)!

The Job Hunter's New Year's Resolutions

Check out these 10 resolutions job hunters should be make in 2011.

Monday, January 3, 2011

How to Stand Out in your Job Search

Check out this article about how to stand out in your 2011 job search. Keep in mind the tips about having a great resume. Highlight things that make you stand out (like attending CLE's, volunteering for a legal clinic, or working on campaigns). You can also highlight these experiences in your cover letter if its relevant to the job position.