Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Free Two-Day Shipping for your Text Books

 Amazon is offering 12-months of Amazon Prime 2-Day Shipping for Free to all students!                                                                                                                                                                                          

To be eligible for Amazon Student you need to provide your school, major & .edu email address. Upon joining, you will receive:
  • Free 2-Day Shipping and other Amazon Prime Benefits (for 12 months)
  • 30% off New Textbooks & 90% off Used Textbooks
  • In the final month of your membership, Amazon will send you an email letting you know the end date of the Free Amazon Prime Free 2-Day Shipping.
Sign up for Amazon Student to get your books a lot sooner!.  I wish they had this program when I was in school. I had to wait forever to get my books and now you just have to wait two days!!

If you are no longer a student, you can get 3 months of Amazon Prime 2-Day Shipping for Free with Amazon Mom (anyone can join,  you don't have to be a parent to sign up)!

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