Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ten Students You Might Encounter in Law School

You will probably will meet the gunner in law school, but the Bitter Lawyer, discusses Ten Students You Meet in Law School. The one I appreciate the least is the "diversity student." It is true that minority students are underrepresented in law schools, but that does not mean that they are unqualified. Some law schools recognize the benefits of a diverse student body and diverse legal workforce (See Grutter v. Bollinger) and seek to increase the diversity of their law classes. But not every minority student receives a full scholarship or gets a guaranteed job upon graduation. Just like every student, minority students have to make good grades, pass the bar, and display leadership qualities by participating on a journal, clinic,  moot court, ect to obtain a job or clerkship after graduation. I think Bitter Lawyer got it wrong there. There are absolutely no guarantees in law school or in life for that matter! Graduating cum laude doesn't guarantee you a job nowadays, any more than coming from an underrepresented group. (I know examples from both groups!)

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