Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Best Law Schools for Getting Rich

If you want to make the big bucks, you should go to Standford, Duke, Columbia, or UVA (to name a few). According to the Forbes article, Stanford law graduates have a mid-career median pay of $236,000.  See if your law school made the list here!


  1. This was very helpful. However, in your own opinion and with statistics aside, do you think that what law school you attend will determine how successful you will be in the field?

  2. First, I can only speak from my personal experience and opinion. Also these statistics are the average, so there are exceptions to the rule. I personally don't think anyone should go to a Tier 2 or Tier 3 law school unless they are planning practicing or working in the same city or state as the law school or if they already have connections. That being said, even attending a Tier 1, Top 40 law school doesn't guarantee you a job and attending a lower tiered law school does not mean you will not get a job. I think a person's initiative, perseverance and competency will go a long way even if they didn't attend the best law school.

  3. Hi...I just recently found your blog and literally went through every single blog. This blog stood out to me the most.

    I go to a top tier undergraduate school and would say that I am a very competitive candidate for Law School.

    But after spending the day going through blogs, and other articles I am beyond appalled. I studied Political Science in college so that I would earn a good GPA, one that will suffice in law school be honest I just want to be wealthy...thats why I worked so hard in high school and studied so hard in college...but now youre telling me law school itself sucks and that there is a grim market for lawyers after.

    my question for you is: would you still have decided to apply to law school given what you know now? (assume you marry the same guy regardless)

    and what do you think is a good industry for a 21 yr old to get into?


  4. I didn't go to law school to get rich, so I can't give advice from that perspective. I don't regret going to law school. It was a worthwhile experience and it is a versatile degree. There a lot of lawyers who don't practice law and still do well. There are lawyers that practice law and hate it. I say do what you love and try to get paid for it!