Thursday, March 10, 2011

Public Interest Law: Summer Internship Opportunities

The NAACP has a summer internship program for those of you interested in civil rights law.  It pays a $6,000 stipend and the application is due on March 18th. In an interview with Vault, Assistant General Counsel, Dorcas Gilmore states that the NAACP looks for “students who have completed their first year of law school who are interested in civil rights work and have a demonstrated commitment to public interest work."   If this describes you, highlight relevant experience on your resume, write an essay describing your interests in civil rights litigation and ask one of your professors for a letter of recommendation.  I recommend asking for the recommendation in person rather than in email. Follow up with a thank you card or email to your professor after you've submitted your application.  Some of these deadlines are coming up fast!  Good luck!

Vault did a spotlight on other summer legal internship programs:
Equal Justice Works
The Center for Collaborative Change

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