Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tips for less Debt while In Law School

This Today Money Article states that college loan debt outpaced credit card debt for the first time last year.  It mentions a few tips that college students should keep in mind to keep that high debt to a minimum. Some of these tips also apply to law students for instance, anything that you use student loan money to buy will end up costing you twice as much after interest. Try not to borrow more than you need to live off on. Also, you should try to pay some of your interest down on your (especially on unsubsidized loans) while you are still in school. Making these payments when you do not have to, will help you when your loans go into repayment. You will already be used to making a loan payment and you will save yourself a few years of interest.

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  1. (sigh) law school debt is going to be the death of me. But Its not so bad. Its worth it for most people myself included.