Thursday, September 22, 2011

Advice from a Laid Off Lawyer

This recession is hitting every sector hard. Several lawyers have been adversely affected by the bad economy. I asked a colleague who was recently laid off if she had any advice for individuals laid off or at risk of being let go.  The following is her advice, but I think it is also relevant to current law students.  It is never too early to start networking. Good luck to law students and lawyers alike.

 I think the biggest suggestion I have is to always be networking.  It has made my situation much easier because I knew several people in the practice area I focus on and when I ended up without a job I didn't  have to go try to convince them that I was only a victim of a bad economy (rather than fired for being a lousy lawyer).  Also, keep in touch with those contacts.  Don't be afraid to call them and tell them what happened - they're all going to figure it out on their own anyway.  And the best jobs are never posted - you just have to know the right person at the right time.  
I would also say that being laid off is an excellent time to reevaluate things, so people should really take advantage of it.  It's amazing how you can really enjoy life while spending less money, for example.  Or how you may find out that your job really was making you miserable but you didn't have enough distance to see that before.  Someone told me once that you need to decide what kind of life you want and then find a job that gives you that kind of life.  So often we find a job we want and then force our lives to work with it (especially if you went to law school right out of undergrad and really had no idea what you wanted out of life to begin with)... a little time away from work might show some people that they'd be much better suited to doing something completely different.

Great Deal for Busy Law Students

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