Monday, November 28, 2011

Finals are Coming Up, Are you Ready?

Finals are coming up!!!  So you probably don't have time to shop.... You should be studying.  I hope you used the long weekend to organize your outlines.  Start working on condensing those outlines and once you are done begin doing practice exams.  Go over them with your professor.  Pay attention in class because anything your professor tends to focus on or spend a lot of time emphasizing will most likely appear on the exam!

Good luck!


  1. I have found myself not studying nearly as much as I did during my first year of law school. Sadly, I am scared to death for finals. I am also scared to find a job. Do you find yourself feeling this way?

  2. To "A Terrified Law Student": First of all, relax. Take time to go over your notes and outlines or see if you can find a 3L who took the courses you have and can give you their old outlines. You might also try to meet with your professors, but come with prepared questions. Come up with a plan for your finals and schedule your studying accordingly. It is not too late!