Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Lawyer Who Clips Coupons

Have you heard of the extreme couponing craze?  I am a lawyer who likes to clip coupons.  I love finding a sale and then matching it with a coupon and getting the item for a low price or sometimes even for free! I cut coupons from the newspaper, get coupons from my parents, print coupons online and follow several blogs that identify deals.  I do not have a huge stock pile, nor do I buy unhealthy food, but I am able to save at least $50 a month with coupons. And I am not alone. I have other attorney friends who like to coupon. It does take time to organize my coupons. I got a little expanding file to organize them and I go through the newspaper, blogs, grocery ads on a regular basis to try to find the best deals.  Often I pay little or nothing for staples such as milk, eggs, even vegetables.It is not for everybody, but as for me, I just do not like paying full price if I don't have to!

Here is a caveat. There is NO way I would have had time to do this in law school.  But I remember spending a lot of money on groceries in law school. Couponing would have helped me save money back then. But now I coupon and I try to do it strategically.  Using coupons saves money if you use them on items that you would buy anyway.  I think those of you who are law students could save some money by using coupons, but it can take a lot of time and you have better things to do with your time.  However,  if you have graduated from law school and do not have a job yet, couponing might be for you. Even if you are an attorney, you might want to make time to do it.  You could use your savings to make extra payments to your loans or save up for something that you want.

Below are buttons from a couple of the blogs that I subscribe to. You can check them out for more couponing tips.  Maybe do some couponing over Christmas break to create a small stockpile for when you go back to law school next year!

    Living Rich With Coupons

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