Thursday, February 19, 2015

Advice to New/Young Attorneys

They say that experience is the best teacher.  I like to learn from the experience and advice of more experienced attorneys so that I can avoid making mistakes in the first place.  Check out this article written by experienced attorney offering her advice to young attorneys. I agree with a lot of her advice, including avoiding "clear the throat" language as my boss calls it.  Also it is important to meet deadline and inform your boss and clients if you do not think you will meet a deadline.  I have also found it is important to communicate and update your clients regularly so that aware that you are working on their questions.  Do not be afraid to ask for help and get clarification if you do not understand an assignment. It is better to ask and feel dumb than go down the wrong path and waste time. Lastly, I have learned that its important to have a good attitude.  Not every assignment will be exciting, but everything you do reflects on your work ethic and makes you a  more enjoyable coworker! Your boss will remember your attitude when it comes to handing out new assignments and during performance evaluations.